Lacura – Healthy Glow Rose Toner (good but not great!)

Lacura - Healthy Glow Rose Toner


Does the Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Toner seem familiar somehow?

I have heard some buzz about this brand (both good and some bad). Lacura has a range of toner products that resemble the equivalents from the brand Pixi (which I have not tried, note to self add to my ‘to try’ list). Not one to shy away from a bargain and this is priced shockingly budget-friendly, I thought I would give the Healthy Glow Rose Toner ago.

In days gone by (aka my teenage years), toners were extremely astringent and drying, leaving your face feeling dry and probably stripped of any moisture that was once there. This product does not do that. I found that this offered decent hydration.

The scent of rose is quite strong – I found this a bit overpowering. But those with sensitive skin (or just sensitive to fragrance) might want to use this product with caution and sparingly. Given that this is a rose toner, I am assuming that the formulation of the product does need to make it smell more intensely of rose than the rose water already provided.

Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Toner product claims and ingredients

  • Rehydrating – this toner certainly leaves skin feeling hydrated and glowy. The selection of ingredients certainly lends to this claim. 
  • Calming – on the odd time, I’ve had irritation this product had helped to calm things down.
  • Softening – l felt my skin felt somewhat bit softer after using this product for some time. I also think there was a bit of a plumping effect from the hydration.

Key ingredients include:

  • Rosewater – calming, anti-inflammatory and has antioxidants. It is quite a common ingredient to use in cosmetics for these properties and the scent.
  • Hyaluronic acid – an excellent humectant (a substance that draws moisture to the skin). Hyaluronic acid attracts and retains 1000 times its own weight of moisture. It arguably helps with the absorption of products as well. 
  • Elderflower – softening, calming, anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants. 

I think that it is worth noting as most of the products are not listed with % amounts, it is not possible to say if there are enough of the key and active ingredients to meet the claims.

My final thoughts

The toner is a lovely product if you are looking for something to help hydrate after cleansing. For the price, there are no complaints. Other than the scent, providing scents do no irritate to you is probably a reasonably safe hydrating and innocuous all round toner.

I think with my skin issues (oily and acne-prone) this isn’t necessary for me. Too much hydration and glow in the morning and by 10 am I look like a greaseball – sad but true. If I use a toner I would be more interested in using one that has AHA and/or BHA acid for exfoliation or one to help manage my oily skin – but that’s just a personal preference. In these circumstances, I particularly like the Glycolic Acid (7%) Toning Solution from The Ordinary.

However, for those with more normal or dry skin, this may work for you. 

The Lacura Health Glow Rose toner retails for £3.99 and is available from Aldi, online and instore – however, this is only stocked at certain times so availability can be a bit hit and miss. I would be interested in comparing this to the Pixi equivalent. 


3 star rating 

I would not personally repurchase the Healthy Glow Rose Toner. It is not because I think the Lacura – Healthy Glow Rose Toner is a bad product, it is just a product that I do not need.

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