Lab Series – BB Tinted Moisturiser (terrible!)

Lab Series Tinted Moisturiser



When I saw The Lab Series – BB Tinted Moisturiser I thought this would be the answer to all of my problems with my problematic skin. This product felt more temperamental than my skin (that’s saying something). 

First of all, this has a universal tint that supposedly colour matches any skin tone; I think alarm bells should have been ringing at this stage! When I apply this, I find that if I use too much, my skin looks ashy no matter how well I blend it in. This product did nothing for me regarding evening out skin tone or hiding my imperfections. 

I will say that I used the Lab Series tinted moisturiser on my other half (who is white and has rosy cheeks). I have to say the results were a natural tan look and the rosy cheeks were toned down. So I think that this product is best suited to lighter skin tones – so much for the universal tint!

I found that the product transfers like crazy if you apply this to your neck expect some obvious marks on your clothes. Setting it with a tiny amount of translucent face powder does help, but who can be bothered with that every day? 

The Lab Series Tinted Moisturiser has a broad spectrum SPF of 35 it appears to be a combination of chemical and physical sunscreens. As I can (and I am pretty sure the same for anyone) only use a tiny bit, you can’t rely on the sun protection from this product alone. We all know that at least a teaspoon of sun protection is required to ensure the advertised protection.

I have combination skin that leans slightly on the oilier side. 3-4 hours after applying the Lab Series tinted moisturiser product my face looks like a greasy mess! To make this work, I had to ensure that my t-zone was well powdered beforehand.

Lab Series tinted moisturiser product claims

  • Immediate coverage – this has very sheer coverage, but on light skin tones may give a tanned look. 
  • Deep down hydration – I think this does an ok job at hydration, but those with drier skin will probably struggle with this. 
  • Even skin tone – over time, this was not my experience. 
  • Shine control – it is matt when first applied, but does not seem to last all that long. 
  • Anti-wrinkle care – I don’t think I can comment too much about this as my skin is not threatening to wrinkle yet!
  • Firming – not that I noticed!
  • Pore reduction – not that I noticed! 
  • Redness reduction – actually on a lighter skin tone, yes!
  • Barrier repair – possibly?
  • Sun protection – while it has this, you use such a tiny amount I doubt that it would offer any useful protection. 

My final thoughts

Some products make you think ‘you give me life’, sadly this wasn’t the case for me. I would not repurchase and only using it because I’m too tight to throw the tinted moisturiser away! (To be honest, I was so pleased when I had finished the tube!)

This product is supposed to be formulated for all skin types but for:

  • Oily skin – this product doesn’t seem to last. 
  • Dry skin – I can see the pigment in this product clinging on to dry patches and being a pain to work into the skin. 
  • Normal skin – you might be in luck?

On reading reviews for the product, they fall into two camps those that love it and those that hate it. Sadly I’m the latter. 

At the time of writing, you could purchase this product for £38.00 for 50ml (


1 star rating 

I would not repurchase the Lab Series Tinted Moisturisers. 

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