Inkey List – Kaolin Clay Mask (fantastic find)

Inkey List - Kaolin Clay Mask
Inkey List – Kaolin Clay Mask


It was a massive surprise to me the I bought this kaolin clay mask, mainly because of my dislike of clay masks. However, due to my skin’s inability to behave itself with oil and spot production, I was getting a bit desperate. (Nothing screams excellent life choices than an urgent purchase!) Ok, now I am digressing!

Other than trying to whip my skin back into line, when I initially heard about the Kaolin Clay Mask, I had not heard of the brand before, so I purchased a few choice items to see what the hype was about.

My research into the Inkey List tells me the brand was started by two people who worked for Boots in senior buying and marketing roles.

The Inkey List has made a limited number of products which like the ordinary focus on one key or active ingredient. This method not only helps to make product selection easier but also helps with efficacy and reduces the chances of irritation.

The Inkey List is also cruelty-free, limit their use of coconut oil (as it is pore-blocking) and are careful (in terms of amount and quality) of silicone. All this is very admirable and right up my street, could this become my brand of choice?

Anyway, I have hinted, but the business model is very similar to that of The Ordinary: simple and targeted formulas, simple stock packaging and single active ingredients.

The Inkey List Kaolin Clay Mask product claims and ingredients

The kaolin clay mask is designed to help absorb excess oil and to help remove toxins away from the skin. The product also helps to draw away impurities which contribute to the formation of the dreaded spots!

Last of all and quite important to me, it claims not to dry out your skin. The reason I dislike clay masks is their tendency to dry out the skin, which is uncomfortable and can stimulate excess oil production!

Since I have combination skin and not overly oily (these days), this seemed worth a try (especially at the price point!)

The Inkey List Kaolin Clay Mask has a much longer ingredient list than I expected. However, the formula has some beneficial ingredients, including:

• Kaolin clay – which helps to remove impurities
• Smectite clay which helps to unclog those pesky pores and absorb excess oils.

Within the ingredients, this kaolin clay mask contains a range of humectants, skin conditioning and moisturising ingredients. The product claims to be suitable for all skin types – which if correct sounds fantastic, as back in the day a mask like this would be relegated to mainly oily skin.

The product also claims to help even out uneven skin tone.

It is recommended that the Kaolin Clay Mask is used 1-2 times a week, but if you suffer from excessively oily skin, you can use it more.

How I used this product

To be honest; my intention was to use the Kaolin Clay Mask for the recommended 1-2 a week. In the first week or two, I managed to do this, after that, the novelty wore off, and the frequency dropped to when I remembered.

When using, I applied a thin layer on to damp freshly cleansed skin and left for about 10 minutes to dry, after a gentle rinse of a gentle pat to dry and start with applying serums etc.

My final thoughts

I was surprised, the mud masks that I tried as a kid we’re horrible this one was different; in a good way! While this product dried down, it did not dry to the extent that it was impossible to move your face, (read: 90’s mud masks I’m looking at you!) and took forever to wash off.

When the product dries, it certainly does tighten up, but in my experience, this took longer than most. Once rinsed off (which was pretty easy and relatively mess-free), my skin did not feel dried out and was hydrated and smooth.

Over the lifecycle of using this product, I can’t identify any direct reduction in uneven skin stone. Perhaps this needs longer and more consistent use? However, there probably was some indirect benefits on skin stone with fewer spots.

I would express some caution to those on the drier side as a clay mask might not be for you, and if you are going to use this product, perhaps once a week would be enough.

I think those that are acne-prone with skin that combo or oily would appreciate this product.

At the time of writing, you could purchase this product in a 50ml tube for £4.99 from


Four and a half star rating

I would repurchase The Inkey List Kaolin Clay Mask I think it offers the right amount of drying but provides some hydration and softening to ensure you don’t have that desert-like feeling!

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