Facetheory – Radiant Eye Cream (forgettable)

Facetheory - Radiant Eye Cream


Here we are again with Facetheory with their Radiant Eye Cream- the product line which is vegan and cruelty-free. Eye creams have been a bit of an enigma to me. I’ve always wondered if they were just a rip-off or a daily essential. While shopping on the Facetheory website I had a minimum spend target to hit (discount code), so I thought I would give this ago.
In all honesty, I do not suffer common issues with eyes, i.e. dark circles, puffiness, creasing, etc. but in the interests of non-scientific science wanted to see what the fuss was about. You never know it could be something I needed in my life that I never actually knew I needed! 

Facetheory Radiant Eye Cream product claims and ingredients 

This product comes with a range of claims for the radiant eye cream, including lightening dark circles, plumping, soothing delicate skin, resurfacing and lifting. It sounds like a dream in a bottle! 

The bottle Facetheory use is a clear airless pump, good packaging to maintain freshness. The vitamin C used in this product is not of the L-Ascorbic acid variety. I am not too bothered by the packaging being clear. They are not specific to what skin types this is suitable for. 

There are several key ingredients; retinol (resurfacing and lifting), hyaluronic acid (humectant), sodium ascorbyl phosphate – stabilised vitamin c and liquorice (brightening), chamomile (soothing), vitamin e (repairing), ferulic acid (antioxidant and stabilises the vitamin E). All blended with a highly moisturising emollient base with shea butter, jojoba and argon oils. 

This product is formulated without a range of things (mostly of things I can’t pronounce), but I will leave you to look on their website under the ingredient section for that. They listed EVERYTHING, and it would take up too much space to list here. 

My final thoughts

I am not closer to forming a firm opinion on eye creams, to be honest. The product certainly gave radiant appearance but with regards to the lifting and brightening aspects – I don’t know,

Facetheory - Radiant Eye Cream Spread

as they aren’t concerns for me. Taking all of this into account, this eye cream is probably not targeted towards me. 

I can see this being a good base for concealer, e.g. preventing creasing as it provides a nice moisturising base.


I was using a tiny amount (grain of rice) and gently patted in with my ring finger (very manly) as this applies the least amount of pressure to the delicate eye area. It took a little while to be absorbed, so I am guessing this would probably work better for someone with a more normal skin type. So a bottle of this would last a very long time (using this small amount twice a day). 

Ultimately, did this deliver anything better than my regular moisturiser? I have to say no. I am using this as a night cream as got fed up with the lengthy application – as a night cream this works very well!

The ingredient lineup looks great, but something that I can’t put my finger on felt off. It was almost like the saturation point for this product was quite low, considering only the moisturiser was applied to that area, I can’t blame an overly excessive number of products. 

I will personally stick to a regular moisturiser for now, as I didn’t see any benefits over and above. 

At the time of writing, you could buy a tube of this product for £15.99 on the Facetheory website


One star rating

I would not repurchase the Facetheory Radiant Eye Cream, but this eye cream may work better for someone with more normal skin with more concerns than I have in the eye area. 

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