Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel SPF50 (brilliant)

Biore - UV Watery Gel SPF50


There are two versions of this sunscreen the Biore watery gel and the watery essence. While researching this on the Internet, everyone raves about the essence version, so I wanted a piece of the action. Guess what? I bought the wrong one! (No surprises there).

 I got a bit fed up of the popular sunscreens; I’d either look ghostly and/or like I was playing in an oil slick. I do appreciate that it is difficult to get the base of sunscreens right, which balances with the level of protection we all expect to see.

So, I thought I would abandon brands from the US and Europe and give Asia a go. Asian sunscreens are arguably better than western sunscreen; they offer a high level of protection and sink in without leaving you either ghostly or greasy. 

Given the notoriously complicated beauty standards in Asia, particularly Japan and South Korea formulas such as this are pretty much seen as a basic standard. Numerous articles on the Internet discuss the differences between Asian and western sunscreens, so I will let you Google at your leisure should you want to find out more.

Biore sunscreen product claims and ingredients

The Biore watery gel SPF claims to be hydrating while not feeling greasy. The formula contains hyaluronic acid and royal jelly. Royal jelly is a nutrient-packed ingredient that boasts many claims, such as being anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.

The texture is much thinner than most sunscreens I have applied which makes the product easy to blend into the skin. As this is a chemical sunscreen, there was no lasting cast. On application, there is an initial white/blue cast, but this disappears quickly once the product starts to absorb. Full absorption of the sunscreen only takes a minute or two.

Biore watery gel sunscreen claims to be water and sweat resistant, up to 80 minutes – but I am not too sure about that. When sweating one day (in the summer, where have you gone?) I noticed so milk coloured drops on my face. I would probably say the usual rules about re-application at least every two hours would apply.

My final thoughts

I really (REALLY) like this sunscreen, it is lightweight performs well and is quickly and easily absorbed, leaving no tell-tale sunscreen marks while being very hydrating.Biore - UV Watery Gel Spread

The product washes off easily with a facewash, which makes me think appropriate re-application of this product is essential, especially when sweaty. I would still recommend doing a double-cleanse at the end of the day when using any sunscreen though as sunscreens tend to be very occlusive by nature of their function.

There is alcohol in this sunscreen, but I think this is fairly typical for this type of formula. The alcohol allows the product to dry (quickly) with no signs of dryness or tackiness. I think there can be a bit of hysteria around alcohol in cosmetics, while there are some (denatured alcohol, I’m looking at you) which you’d probably best avoid; others are different. I guess what I am saying not all alcohols behave in the same way, nor are they made equally. 

This product has a unique formula to any other type of sunscreen I have used before and felt good putting on.

At the time of writing, you could purchase a 90ml bottle of this product from Yes Style for £12.81 plus delivery. This sunscreen will take about two weeks to arrive as it came from South Korea. 


Four and a half star rating

I would repurchase, and it has given me an excellent introduction to Asian sunscreens. This product is a good contender for being my ‘go-to’ product.

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